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Wish Your Funnels & Landing Pages to Look Like One of These?


We Are Naturally Designed to Process Visual Info 60,000 Times Better and Faster Than Text..

That's Why Design Matters! However…

If even ONE of the above fits you, Then click the button below!
If even ONE of the above fits you, Then click the button below!

Get on a War Plan Call With Sunny

Himanshu Agrawal

Himanshu Agrawal

King of High Ticket Closing & Founder of Internet Coaching Empire

“Finding a company that excels in both marketing and creating a high converting funnel is a true rarity.”

Sunny and his team have not only developed funnels for me but have also addressed the needs of several thought leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs inside ICE Community. However, their design expertise and their grasp of marketing and sales processes are unmatched. XScale Media truly understands my vision and translates it into an effective funnel. If you’re considering hiring a funnel-building expert, I’d wholeheartedly recommend getting a funnel ready with Sunny and his team of experts.”

Hi, I’m Sunny Dubey

I'm glad you discovered us (likely through our impactful Funnels) and have arrived here.

My intuition tells me you're prepared to amplify your influence and authority with a World-Class Funnel. This isn't just about showcasing your identity, but also about drawing in new customers.

You're ready to witness how my team and I can enhance your brand, just as we've accomplished for esteemed names like Himanshu Agrawal, Jaskaran Singh, Jeet Shah, Shashwat Amrev, Digital Shahbaz, and numerous other top influencers, experts, coaches, and consultants in the education or business realm.

We've Produced Multi-Million Dollar Results for Our Clients

We specialize in creating high-converting funnels and landing pages that are guaranteed to transform your visitors into valuable leads. Improved leads equal smoother sales.

This defines the essence of a XScale Funnel.

"So, How's Your Present Landing Page or Funnel Designed?"

If you’re ready to embrace the significance of internet marketing to convert visitors through effective online sales funnels, let’s connect.

If your website feels outdated, dull, and unappealing, let’s connect.

If you feel awkward at the thought of sharing your landing page with potential clients due to its design, let’s connect.

If you’re aiming to establish a strong presence and demonstrate your expertise even before the first interaction, let’s connect.

If website visits don’t translate into inquiries as you hoped, 

Let’s connect.

If achieving maximum conversion rate from visitors to clients seems like an obvious goal, then yes, let’s connect.

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The XScale Funnel: Your Fast-Track Solution

Before we introduced the XScale Funnels approach, our primary focus was on fast growth through paid advertising. Over time, though, these methods ceased to be effective due to rising ad cost.

So, we set out to discover a more enduring solution.

A solution built to last.

With the XScale Funnels approach, you can triple your authority and credibility, effortlessly guiding your online visitors towards becoming valuable leads and customers…

…All the while, we foster more conservative audiences for sustainable, long-term success.

Here’s a brief overview of how it operates

XScale Funnels That Get Results


Amrev Shashwat


Jeet Sha

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Make Money Online Coach

Jeet Shah

Offer Creation Coach & Business Consultant

Himanshu Agrawal

Trading Coach

Shashwat Amrev

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India's Best Facebook Ads Agency


Affiliate Marketing Coach

Umer Qureshi

Digital Agency Coach

Abhit Upadhyay

Ethical Hacking Coach

Amit Malasi

Facebook Ads Coach

Digital Shahbaz

Dating Coach

Jas Explains

Copywriting & Funnel Coach

Kabir Nayak

Trading Coach

Mahesh Kamath

Law Of Attraction Coach

Monika Garg

Mindset & Business Coach

Karan Rayadurg

Digital Product Coach


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About XScale Media

XScale Media is on the road to become India’s leading Funnel & Marketing Agency. Established in Raipur in December 2022, within just six months, the agency has empowered more than 250+ Coaches & Course Creators to unlock their full potential using its unique “XScale Strategy” (Short for Scaling Exponentially Strategy). XScale Media has played a pivotal role in helping its clients generate substantial revenue and establish their brands from the ground up.

What sets XScale Media apart as the preferred choice for most Coaches & Course Creators is its unwavering commitment to delivering results and driving profits for its clients.

By relentlessly pursuing exceptional outcomes for its clients, XScale Media has earned the title of India’s premier Funnels & Marketing Agency, a recognition bestowed upon it by its satisfied clientele.

Under the visionary leadership and strategic guidance of its Founder & CEO, Sunny Dubey, XScale Media continues to expand and consistently deliver outstanding results for its clients.

Our Star Team












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Amrapali Bansod


Ishita Singhal

graphic designer

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