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Funnel Marketing & Strategy

We specialise in creating high converting funnels that resonate with the end user and encourage them to take the desired action.

Performance Marketing

With the blend of tech & marketing we are able to create successful performance marketing campaigns for our clients.

Business Automation

 Creating a high level of automation systems is what has helped us automate the manual tasks which allows us to work on the things that are more impactful in client success.

Backend Consulting 

Yes, unlike most marketing agencies, we do care about our clients and consult them to insure they are profitable in the backend

Vinamre Kasanaa
Pro Podcaters Tool

Himanshu Agrawal
AI Funnel

Youtube Workshop Funnel

XScale Media

XScale Media is a Funnel Marketing Agency which specialises in designing and developing high converting funnels and marketing them using paid advertising channels. It has worked on more than 500+ projects in the past one year having a mix of funnels and marketing projects. Some of the renowned clients include Himanshu Agrawal, Vinamre Kasana, CoolMitra, Sandeep Gupta, Shashwat Amrev, Cosmo Feed, Kewal Kishan, Jaskaran Singh, Shripal Gandhi, Vishal Saini, Sakshi Chandrakar, and the list goes on and on.

When We Went Ruthless, So Did Our Results

Hard to believe that we didn’t just get lucky

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Here's how we work

You Start Here...

We do all your marketing work so you can focus on teaching, while we scale your business profitably.

Offer creation & product understanding


Setting KPIs and Projection


Funnel creation


Automation Setup


Ad Assets creation: Ad graphics and videos


Ads launch


Monitoring and optimisation


Some Successful Funnels we've created

Dr. Pradeep Kumar
Distinguished Psychologist

Himanshu Agrawal

Monk School
Award-Winning Cosmetic Chemist

Akshatha Mahesh
Award-Winning Cosmetic Chemist

Nishant Sharma
Aura Reading Expert

Instagram Coach

Not only them we have worked with the top industry leaders


Himanshu Agrawal

Founder - ICE


Vinamre Kasanaa

Creator - DostCast


Mohammad Shakeel

Creator - CoolMitra


Aryan Tripathi

Founder - Adymize


Jeet Shah

Founder - Simpex School


Jaskaran Singh

Dating Coach,CA


Shaswat Amrev

Stock Market


Sandeep Gupta

FInance Coach


Mahesh Kamath

Founder - MAK Trading


kewal Kishan

Business Automation Coach


Shripal Gandhi

Business Coach


Vishal Saini

Health Coach (Naturopathy)


Dr. Palak Sukhwani

Healing Specialist


Digital Shahbaz

Founder - Digimark Media


Amit Malasi

Founder - Nikist


Saurav Pal

Founder - HikersHub

Case Studies We've Created

Jaskaran Singh

CA turned Dating Coach

Started in March 2023, He was doing a 2 day workshop at 499 and was not scaling up. Once onboarding we changed his 2 day workshop to a 3 hour workshop at 197 and for the first 4 months we scaled his front-end profitably (he was making money just by selling the tickets without even doing the webinar). Fast forward to June 2024 we are still working with him and helping him get 400-500 registrations every webinar for his 197 rs workshop which keeps his L1 profitable.

Revenue Generated
0 Cr +

In the past 1 Year generated revenue of 3Cr + with webinars

Shripal Gandhi

Business Coach

 While joining he was not able to scale as his existing agency was not able to scale his funnel profitably. From a CPA of 2500 when starting from scratch with 0 data to getting a consistent CPA of 250 in the front end webinar we helped him sort his funnel to get it down. From designing the landing page, ads, ads scripts, and running tests on different angles to consulting him on his webinar to ensure his conversion rate is good and stable, we helped him 3x his front end leads and make the front end funnel ROAS from 0.3X to 1-1.2X per webinar.

Lead Flow in 3 Months
0 X

3x the Lead Flow for his webinar with Average CPA of Rs 273 for a Rs 47 Workshop

Vishal Saini

Health Coach (Naturopathy)

Creating multiple funnels and scaling them, consulting on different offers and testing them, these are just a few things we have contributed to while working with Vishal Saini. To the point where one funnel is set and profitable and launching 3 new different types of funnels to scale his business not only using webinars but by utilising every path to success.

Registrations Per Webinar
0 +

Scaled to 200+ Registrations per webinar with Average CPA of Rs 273 for a Rs 47 Workshop

Kewal Kishan

Business Automation Coach

Testing out a completely new funnel to sell softwares, we helped Kewal shift from doing free webinars and managing lots of leads with less ROAS to a point where a Single webinar of ticket price 197 generates 8X to 12X ROAS even at a CPA of 800-1000. Consistent testing and scaling has contributed to reach the point where we are at right now.

Frontend ROAS
0 X

His workshop funnels started giving 7-10X ROI on front end

Alee Club

India's best peagant

Creating multiple funnels and scaling them, consulting on different offers and testing them, these are just a few things we have contributed to while working Alee Club. And 20000+ leads generated in 50 days for India’ best peagant Alee Club for their offline event

leads generated in 50 days
0 +

India's oldest peagant to generate 20000+ leads for their offline events in just 50 days

Well these are just some of the case studies that we have created. Wanna be our next case study?

And Connect with us to scale your business

Some Ad Creatives we've created

Jaskaran singh

Shripal Gandhi

Vishal Saini

Kewal Kishan

Scaling Customer Acquisition For Coaches, Consultants & Ed Tech Brands.

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